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Seeking Employment in TeleHealth Nursing?


I'm looking for a job in telephone triage. I have been a nurse for 25 years, but I've never worked in this field before. Can you advise me about how to go about looking for a job in telehealth nursing? Also, can you advise me about training for this specialty?


Congratulations on your decision to try something new! Telephone Triage is an exciting field, and I'd imagine that you would be well suited for it, with all your experience. Finding a job, however, isn't always easy and takes some “sleuthing”. Telehealth nurses work in a wide variety of clinical areas. Hospitals and insurance companies have call centers for triage and disease management and doctors offices and clinics hire telephone triage nurses to advise their patients. Also, home health/hospice agencies hire telephone triage nurses as do other settings like college health, corrections, same day surgery, ERs, Urgent Care Centers , and on and on. Any setting that has telephones that patients can access is probably doing telephone triage, whether they recognize it as such or not.

If you're going to pursue this specialty, training would be very helpful and a good way to market yourself. The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing ( has a Telehealth Nursing Practice Core Course (TNPCC) that is offered at their national conference each year. There is also a TNPCC manual that you can purchase online from the AAACN. I also do public seminars periodically around the country… You can get information about them on this site - look under Consultation & Training and scroll down the page. I do have my 2-day seminars on DVD, available for $350 and approved for CE credit as well, if that would interest you.

Best of luck in your search for a suitable position!