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Orthopedic Protocols?


Our organization is looking for triage protocols for orthopedic patients, and I am wondering if you could suggest a good set of protocols for this?


There used to be some ortho protocols published by NAON. Unfortunately, they're out of print. They only addressed ortho problems, however, so they were best supported by a good set of adult protocols as well.

Right now, I think I'd generally suggest the Woodke protocols because they're customizable and come in a 3-ring binder so you can modify them as necessary for your practice. If you have a largely healthy population (like you might see in a sports medicine clinic), of if your patients really don't call you for anything other than ortho problems, you might want to take a look at the Briggs or Baird/Lafferty protocols. The contact info for all of those protocols (and others) is on the Resources: Protocols page of this website.

Please call if I can be of help. Sorry I don't have better news about ortho protocols. Maybe you could write some and I'll help you spread the word :-)