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Working From Home?


I am interested in finding a telephone triage job that allows me to work from home. Can you give me any pointers about where to start?


This is a growing trend, and it's likely that home-based telehealth nursing will really catch on in coming years. The only real potential downside that I can think of (providing you don't have barking dogs or noisy children running around) is the isolation of being home alone. Experienced telephone triage nurses have learned to rely on the collegial relationships with their peers to collaborate on difficult patients or obscure presentations. Some of the organizations that employ home-based triage have found creative ways to provide that contact, such as with IMing programs and the like.

As far as working from home, I know of two organizations that are home-based: Intellicare and FoneMed. You might check with them to see if they're hiring. I know that McKesson has some home-based nurses as well. Other organizations like doctors offices and Home Health/Hospice agencies occasionally hire people to work from home, but I would think that they would want you to work in the office for a while first, in order to learn the practice and for them to have a chance to evaluate your competence prior to turning you loose.

Best of luck in your search. Please let me know what you find out so I can share it with others who have similar goals.