Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice
Improve Quality & Reduce Risk

Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc. seminars are enlightening professional seminars designed to teach the “How To’s” of providing high quality, low risk Telephone Triage services to your patients.


Kathy Koehne, DNP, RN-BC, C-TNP

Nationally Recognized Telephone Triage Expert, Speaker, Author


“Telephone Triage As Professional Nursing Practice: Improve Quality and Reduce Risk”

Day 1: Fundamentals of Professional Telehealth Nursing Practice

  • Misconceptions about telephone triage
  • Telephone triage as professional nursing practice
  • Scope of practice and professional standards for telephone triage
  • Must-have organizational policies to reduce risk and improve quality
  • Best practices supporting safe program design and implementation

Day 2: How to Practice Nursing Over the Telephone 

  • Critical thinking and decision making in uncertain conditions
  • Recognition of life threatening emergencies over the phone
  • Systematic patient assessment; seeing the patient with your ears
  • Selection and use of protocols
  • Documentation, interviewing and risk management in telephone triage