Kathy Koehne, DNP, RN-BC, C-TNP, has over 25 years experience in nursing, 15 years of which have been in telephone triage nursing. In her role as staff development instructor, Kathy has provided numerous continuing education offerings related to telephone triage. Among her many accomplishments is development of the orientation program for her call center at Gundersen Lutheran in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Kathy has an extensive knowledge base and has served as a reviewer for Dale Woodke’s Decision Support Tools for Nurses, 7th edition. She has also published numerous articles, having won the AAACN Viewpoint Writer’s Award in 2007 and has served as a columnist for AAACN Viewpoint’s Telehealth Trials and Triumphs since 2008. Certified in telephone nursing practice, Kathy is currently a Nursing Systems Specialist at Gundersen Lutheran Health System and is an active member of AAACN. Kathy received her BSN from Marquette University in Milwaukee and resides in LaCrosse with her family.