CONSULTATION is available on telephone triage program design and implementation, compliance with telehealth nursing standards, risk management, and the delivery of quality care. Medical-legal consulting services relative to telephone triage / telehealth nursing and ambulatory care are also available.

Telephone Triage Consulting, Inc., offers a variety of consultation and training options for nurses and other members of the healthcare team. Seminars may be customized to suit the needs of each organization. The focus is on Telephone Triage as Professional Nursing Practice and Risk Management. Educational presentations for other members of the healthcare team (such as administrators and physicians) are geared toward the concept of teamwork and recognition of each discipline’s role in providing care to patients by telephone.

Telephone Triage is here to stay. As long as our patients have telephones and we continue to answer them, we’ll be doing Telephone Triage. We can do it wrong, but we can’t NOT do it. Carol’s informative continuing education seminars and on-site consultation will help you identify the “How To’s” of providing legally sound, low-risk Telephone Triage services to your patients.


Telephone Triage Consulting provides a wide range of consultative services to a wide variety of organizations including medical practices, clinics, call centers, home health agencies, urgent care centers, emergency departments, and other ambulatory practice settings. Consultative services are available on site and remotely and may include Program Design and Implementation, Risk Assessment, and Staff Education & Training. Primary focus is on risk management, quality care delivery and resource utilization.

While management of patients by telephone is common, few organizations have given thought to formalization of the process. Consultation is available on program design and implementation and evaluation of existing programs. Areas of emphasis could include strategic planning, risk assessment, staffing, call intake and routing, policy development, protocol selection medical record design and quality management.

Risks are inherent to any area of nursing practice. The key to avoiding litigation related to the delivery of care by telephone rests largely in knowing where the “mine fields” are and how to avoid them. Evaluation of organizational risk and strategic planning to reduce that risk is an area of emphasis which may be incorporated into a total package or as a stand-alone option. Lessons learned from Carol’s experience as an expert witness in litigation relative to telephone triage provides unique perspective on risk management.

Specialized training is necessary for nurses who are engaging in the practice of telephone triage. Telephone Triage Consulting offers public and customized professional education/training seminars for nurses and other members of your practice. These seminars encompass clinical practice, risk management and program design and implementation and are approved for up to 15 hours of continuing education credit for nurses.

Carol Rutenberg, nationally certified in Telephone Nursing Practice and Ambulatory Care Nursing, has served as an expert witness in the areas of telehealth nursing practice and ambulatory care for both the plaintiff and the defense. Carol is qualified as an expert in the areas of Telephone Triage nursing practice and ambulatory care due to her experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, consultant and author. Additionally, her background in nursing management and her masters degree in nursing administration enhance her ability to identify and apply standards of practice for professional nurses.